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Strips is the world's thinnest magnetic sensor. It's so thin that it can be placed invisibly on most windows and doors. 

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Strips by Sensative is a revolutionary magnetic sensor designed to monitor and protect windows, doors and other valuables. It’s so thin that in most cases, it can be mounted invisibly to the end-user. With an adhesive strip it’s almost as easy to mount as a sticker and the custom designed battery will last up to ten years. With Z-Wave® technology, Strips fits in effortlessly with existing Z-Wave® smart home systems. Configuring Strips, you can allow it to notify you when something is left open, when something is opened when you’re not home and even be set when you’re at home sleeping. Strips can be mounted invisibly on almost any window and door depending on the space between the window/door and its frame. You’ll need at least a 3 mm gap.

Strips has been designed to be compatible with any Z wave gateway. Sensative is testing Strips with more and more gateways and with time, the list below is going to grow. In order to achieve this compatibility, Strips has three notification types.

  • You may have to change Strips' notification type to make it work correctly with your gateway.
  • You should also set the wake up period to 24 hours to ensure prolonged battery life of your Strips.

Here is a list of Gateways that we tested in our lab and are fully compatible with Strips.

  • Telldus Znet Lite
  • Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Fibaro Home Center Lite
  • Vera Edge
  • Razberry
  • WeBeHome
  • Zipabox
  • SmartThings


  • Can notify you when you’ve left a window or door open
  • Can alert you when something unexpected happens whether you’re home or not
  • Ultra-thin design allows Strips to be mounted ”invisibly” between most doors/windows and their frames
  • Simple to mount with the included adhesive backing
  • Easy to connect to any Z-Wave controller
  • Up to 10-year battery life means no more changing batteries
  • Protects the perimeter of your home even when you’re asleep

Product Strips-MaZw

Features Magnet sensor, Tamper alert, LED indication.

Regions North America: 908.4 MHz and 916 MHz.

Range Up to 130 feet. Non-battery Z-Wave devices will act as repeaters and may extend the range up to 490 feet.

Dimensions Sensor: 7.6 x 0.6 x 0.11 inches

Magnets: A: 1.2 x 0.43 x 0.039 inches B: 0.47 x 0.11 inches.

Operating conditions 0 to 140* F . Indoor or outdoor usage.

Power supply Built-in battery LiMnO2 battery.
Up to 10 years’ battery life. *

Magnetic range Approx. 0.60 inches

* Note: Usage of range extenders, short wake up intervals and usage in low or high temperatures will shorten the battery life

Product Sheet Manual

Associations Group 1 (Lifeline). Max 1 node.

Notification type Supports Binary sensor report, Notification report and Basic report

Wake up intervals 30 min - 24 hours (default 24 h)



Command classes