Z-Wave ToolBox - ZWP-TBX

Out of stock. But if you're looking to build your own gateway with a Z-Stick / Z-Wave USB stick, ZWaveProducts has an alternative, better product to suggest.

In place of Z-Wave ToolBox - ZWP-TBX, we recommend you look at Atrim Stick. Its advantages include:

  • Power your smart home with the latest version of Z-Wave. Atrim Stick uses 800 series, Z-Wave Plus V2 it has a wireless range is as great as 1.5 miles thanks to its use of Z-Wave Long Range technology. In standard Z-Wave mode, it can directly control wireless devices that are up to 492 feet away.
  • Simple Z-Wave setup: install Home Assistant to a Raspberry Pi, macOS, or Windows Machine. Plug in Atrim Stick via USB.
  • Compatible with free, open-source software such as Home Assistant.
  • Compatible with over 4,000 Z-Wave products.

Learn more: visit our Atrim Stick listing.

Z-Wave ToolBox - ZWP-TBX description


The Z-Wave Toolbox™ is a self-contained tool that enables the user to easily troubleshoot Z-Wave networks, regardless of the client's Z-Wave controller or panel. Whether the problem is a range issue, interference, or device placement, the Z-Wave Toolbox™ will make troubleshooting a breeze…

The toolbox is web-based (no software to download) and it works with any laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone. The toolbox contains multiple tools for testing network or environmental conditions, and new improvements allow testing by any user, regardless of skill level.

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