GoControl Z-Wave Plus Scene-Controller Wall Switch - 5 PACK- 0WA00Z-5

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Alter your room's ambience easily with the Z-Wave Scene Controller Wall Switch In-Wall Smart device.
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  • Great for controlling GoControl Z-Wave lightbulbs, or any other Z-Wave bulb or plug-in module.*
  • Easily create new multi-way switch control battery powered, no wiring - just peel and stick anywhere you need a switch!
  • Simple self-adhesive mounting pads and screws included
  • Solves the issue of lost local control because Z-Wave bulbs require constant power.
  • Provides control for on/off or dimmable lighting
  • Battery operated (batteries included)
  • One switch can control up to 10 Z-Wave lights or switches*
  • Can be mounted over any standard or decorator-style switch, or on just about any surface

The Z-Wave Scene Controller Wall Switch Linear Z-Wave device allows you to turn your lights on/off wirelessly. More so, you do not need to endure a lengthy installation process to use this Z-Wave wall controller remotely. Add the switch wherever it is most convenient without any wiring. You can complete the Z-Wave scene controller wall switch mount with just double-sided tape and batteries. 


Once you install this battery powered Z-Wave switch, begin controlling your smart light bulbs remotely. Turn your lights on before you enter a room. When you forget to turn the lights off after leaving a room, switch them to off wirelessly. You can also dim smart light bulbs with this switch. Change any room's ambiance effortlessly with the GoControl WA00Z-1 Z-Wave Scene-Controller Wall Switch.


*Z-Wave gateway or hub required

  • Power: Two (2) CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries (included)
  • 1-year Battery Life (under normal use)
  • Radio Frequency: 908.4 MHz / 916 MHz
  • Wireless Range: Up to 130 feet line of sight between the controller and other nodes
  • For indoor use only