Complete Fibaro Smart Home Security Starter Kit

by Fibaro
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Fibaro Home Intelligence – STARTER KIT – Smart Home provides Comfort, Safety, Z-Wave Network and Savings.

The Starter Kit Includes: Home Center Lite, 2x Wall Plug US, Flood Sensor, Motion Sensor, Door/Window Sensor.

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Why Fibaro Home Automation Security Kit?


Using the Fibaro smart home security starter kit, you can take proactive measures to greatly enhance security in your residence. The Z-Wave Plus starter kit provides you instant notifications when a door, window, or other point of entry is opened. Simultaneously, these smart home security system by Fibaro empowers you to remotely open gates, control lights, or sprinklers to further enjoy automated control of your home. 


What's in the box? 


1x Fibaro Home Center Lite

The Home Center Lite is a smart hub that connects all of your Z-Wave and other 3rd party devices (with 3rd party plug-ins). This small sized gateway communicates and manages up to 230 devices wirelessly using Z-Wave.


1x Fibaro Motion Sensor

Fibaro Motion Sensor is a highly advanced, ultra-small multi-sensor which uses the newest 500-series Z-Wave chipset. This tiny sensor has a built-in temperature sensor, light sensor, and accelerometer.


2x Fibaro Wall Plug

The FIBARO Wall Plug is a remotely controlled plug-in switch with a built-in feature to measure power and energy consumption. FIBARO smart plug makes it possible to control electrical devices in a convenient, worry-free and maintenance-free way. It changes the color of the seamless crystal LED ring, informing you about the current load of the connected appliance with just a glance.


1x Fibaro Flood Sensor

FIBARO Flood Sensor is a universal, Z-Wave Plus compatible, flood and temperature sensor. The Fibaro Flood Sensor is buoyant and can float on the waterfall surface. It has a built-in temperature sensor that can alert you if there is an increase or decrease in temperature, which can protect your home from damage caused by frozen pipes.


1x Fibaro Door Window Sensor

FIBARO Door/Window Sensor 2 is a wireless, battery powered, Z-Wave Plus compatible magnetic contact sensor. Changing the device’s status will automatically send signal to the Z-Wave controller and associated devices.

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