The Z-Wave Toolbox

The Z-Wave Toolbox™ is a self-contained tool that enables the user to easily troubleshoot Z-Wave networks. Whether the problem is a range issue, interference, or device placement, the Z-Wave Toolbox™ will make troubleshooting a breeze… The toolbox is a web-based, flexible tool that will work with any operating system, even smart phones and tablets. The toolbox contains 3 major applications, The Z-Wave Packet Analyzer, the Spectrum Analyzer, and the Network Health Tester.

The Z-Wave Packet Analyzer allows the user to see Z-Wave traffic. It helps troubleshoot connections, identify abnormal device operation, and pinpoint weak spots.

The Spectrum Analyzer allows users to scan frequencies close to Z-Wave frequencies for any interference.

Network Health Tester. This powerful tool can determine link stability, quality of service, latencies, and can help the user to troubleshoot, optimize, and deploy Z-Wave networks with confidence.

Technical details:

  • Self-contained hardware that does not need computer to operate 
  • Connectivity - Ethernet, WiFi (AP and Client mode)
  • Low power; it can run on batteries (battery pack sold separately)
  • Power Adapter (12V/1A, 100-240VAC)
  • FCC and CE compliant

Technical Bulletins:

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