Staples Connect

connected home made easy. One app. One Hub.

Automate your home or office with one hub and one app

Staples Connect was designed and built to put you in total control of your home or office no matter where you are. Our hub communicates with all your smart devices and lets you control them individually or combine them with each other using our iPhone, iPad, Android, and web apps. We bring together products from the top brands of smart electronics, like Philips, Lutron, GE, FirstAlert, and Yale.

Bring your existing Z-Wave devices

We don’t just support devices from our different partners. All Z-Wave devices work with Staples Connect too. You can incorporate your existing Z-Wave devices into your Staples Connect system and make them part of your network as well.

Home automation for everyone

Our goal is to make home automation simple and powerful for everyone. It’s the connected home made easy. Staples Connect is the home automation solution for you, for us, for everyone.

Here's what people have been saying about Staples Connect:

“A simple, ready to run system that anyone, tech savvy or not can not only setup but also interact with on a daily basis.”
Larry Greenber, Run Around Tech

“It doesn’t get much more awesome than this.”

“It’s so easy to use and solid that even my six year old can use it!”
Jon Smith, Google Play Store

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