Professional Installation

List of professional installers familiar with Z-Wave Products

Below is a list of installers who utilize our Z-Wave devices for their professional installations. The list is by country, then by state. Regions serviced are included in the list.
Please contact the installer directly for references, estimates, technical questions and more.

United States

Name:                                AZ Automate LLC / Contemporary Automation
Type of work provided:     Electrician, Security, HVAC
Years in Business:              3
Contact Name:                 Aaron Benson
Areas Serviced:                All of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa

Name:                                Telecom Solutions of Georgia         
Type of work provided:     Electrician, Security, A/V Home Theatre
Years in Business:              14
Contact Name:                  Antonio Shackelford
Areas Serviced:                 Metro Atlanta

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