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Z-Wave Compatible Systems
All Z-Wave enabled devices are compatible with one or more of the following systems:
Vivint Home Security
ADT Pulse
Verizon Home Connect
AT&T Digital Life
IRIS from Lowes
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Manufacturer: Cooper Aspire RF
Aspire RF RFHDCSG - Z-Wave Handheld Controller
ASPIRE RF Handheld Controller (RFHDCSG) Blue LCD Screen with Icon Menu Navigation for easy viewing All On, All Off, and Panic buttons provided for quick access Menu & Back buttons provide user hot keys Directional keypad with OK button for system navigation 0 9 buttons for data entry.
Manufacturer: Cooper Aspire RF
Aspire RF RFTDCSG - Z-Wave Tabletop Controller
Aspire RF RFTDCSG - Z-Wave Tabletop Controller is required as an installation tool for the programming and configuration of a Cooper Wiring Z-Wave networks. The Tabletop Controller is used as a wireless controller.
Manufacturer: Leviton Vizia RF
Leviton VRMR1-SG - Vizia RF+ Z-Wave Remote Control
Controls up to four scenes and four zones with this handheld remote control. Requires a wall-mounted IR receiver switch to repeat signals over RF to Z-Wave-enabled IR capable devices.
Manufacturer: Remotec
Remotec Z-Wave Z-URC550 Universal Remote
Z-wave Universal IR + RF Remote, Hassle free Xpress Zetup for Hardware and Features Z-Wave setup in 3 easy steps
Manufacturer: Remotec
Remotec Z-Wave ZRC-100 Secure Home Controller
ZRC-100 Z-Wave Easy-to-Use Secure Home Controller Can control all z-wave locks
Manufacturer: Remotec
Remotec Z-Wave ZXT-120 IR Extender for Air Conditioners
Remotec Z-Wave ZXT-120 IR Extender for Air Conditioners
Manufacturer: Aeon Labs
Aeon Labs Z-Wave Minimote - DSA03202W-ZWUS - White
The next generation of G1 Aeon Labs Z-Wave Minimote (v2) - Fits elegantly in the palm of your hand. Available in White and Black. Firmware upgradable. Compare to the first generation G1 Minimote (v1).
Manufacturer: Aeon Labs
Aeon Labs DSA03202 v1 - Z-Wave Minimote
The Aeon Labs DSA03202-V1 (G1.1) Z-Wave Minimote contains the same functionality as model AeonLabs DSA03202W-ZWUS.
Manufacturer: Evolve
Evolve LCD-1T Guest Controls Z-Wave Tabletop 5-Button Control - Black
The Evolve Z-Wave Tabletop 5-Button LCD Controller Provides Command and Control of up to 5 RF Network Scenes.
Manufacturer: Leviton Vizia RF
Vizia RF VRCPG-SG - Handheld Z-Wave Remote Control
Vizia-RF Zwave remote controls are the heart of a reliable home control experience.
Manufacturer: Leviton Vizia RF
Vizia RF VRCPG-BSG - Programmable Z-Wave Remote Control & Timer
The Vizia RF VRCPG-BSG Zwave Programmer Remote w/Timer Handheld Remote Control programs Z-Wave lighting scenes, controls lights and appliances from anywhere in the house.
Manufacturer: Intermatic HomeSettings
HomeSettings HA07 - Z-Wave Master Controller with Timer
The HomeSettings Z-Wave Master Controller with Timer programs HomeSettings components quickly and easily.

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